The Church of Me

This video made me laugh my collar off (clergy’s version of “lmao”!). Yet in a way it is so real. So many of us want church to remain the same because we like it that way. Years ago, while seeking a church call, I read one church’s profile that essentially said “we are an aging congregation that likes our old hymns and worship style. We want a pastor who will not change it and find people like us to join.”

While not many churches are that honest, many have the same feelings. Growth is fine, as long as it is limited to “people like us”. Change is not allowed unless it meets with the expectations of every member, meaning change never happens.

But no matter what we want to happen, change happens. Look around you – everything changes. And I think that is the reason people want their church to “stay the same”. When all around us changes, we want that firm rock, that comfortable place. But it is an illusion. Every day we change – we grow older, we get glasses, we gain or loose weight, our children grow (far too fast) and the church changes along with it. The key is to be involved in the change, to make the change for Christ in an effort to grow His (no my or your) church.

So, how can you help to positively change His church? How can you help do a God (see Acts 5:27-41) thing to spread His church?

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