It is NOT Turkey Day!

Forgive my crankiness in this post.  This is one of those things that bugs me.  During October, before Halloween, many stores were already putting out Christmas decorations to sell.  One department store had even decorated their store with Christmas decorations.  And on October 21st, I saw my first Christmas/Holiday season commercial on television.  And one of the things I always say (parroted by my daughter) is “it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!  What about Thanksgiving?”  Then I wander off muttering to myself.Free-Thanksgiving-Desktop-Wallpaper

So I recently walked into a big box store and what did I see?  Cards and decorations for “TURKEY DAY”.  My friends, it is not turkey day.  It is not a day to celebrate the gifts of turkeys.  Think about it this way.  On Veterans Day we honor our veterans.  We do not cook them and serve them on a platter.  On Arbor Day, we remember the gift of trees.  We do not cut the tree down and decorate it in our homes (that day is coming all too soon).  So on Thanksgiving, we should do what the name says, we should give thanks.  And who do we thank?  We give thanks to God for all His wondrous gifts.  We give thanks to the Lord for He is good.  His love is never failing.

All crankiness aside, we do have a tendency to make Thanksgiving the gateway to Christmas.  We look at the ads in the paper for our shopping plans (previously on Black Friday, but now on Thanksgiving day itself).  We plan our decorating, and we overeat and watch football.  So, on this Thanksgiving day, I charge you with taking some time to give God thanks.  Take time to appreciate all those God has placed in your lives.  Take time in prayer, recognizing all that God has done for you.  Give thanks.  And then celebrate.

Oh, and of course, on Friday you can start to decorate for Christmas!

May God bless you abundantly this Thanksgiving, and may we all turn to Him in thanks.