Working Out with God

After far too many months of inactivity, I made it to the gym this morning.  We are committing to rescheduling our lives to take time for physical fitness.  And one Tuesday morning certainly does not mean I have achieved anything, but as the saying goes “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

It is so easy to get out of doing something as important as exercising.  For me it was a family crisis.  Last May I was heading home from the gym when I got the call that my mom fell and needed surgery.  Life completely changed since that day and I’ve been unable (unwilling) to find time for exercise.

Life with God is the same way.  It is so easy to get out of a habit of devotional reading, prayer and just soaking in God’s presence.  It is easy to say “I will read scripture later, right now I have something important to do.”  But it is hard to start up again when all the “important” things overtake the important relationship we have with God.  After all, what is more important than our relationship with God?  If we let that fail, all of our other relationships will fail as well.

So, please pray that I continue my goals of physical and spiritual fitness.  Pray that I take the necessary time to go to the gym and work out, and that I take the necessary time to go to God and work out with Him as well.  For both those things will make me a better pastor, person, husband, father and friend.  And if you ask, I will pray for you that you make the time for the important things as well.



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