Ash Wednesday falls on, February 17th this year and we will have a special on-line service uploaded to YouTube. 

Lent is one of those seasons of the church that can give us a great opportunity.  For some, it is a time of denial – a time to give up something we like as a sacrifice to God.  For others, it might be a time of repentance and renewal – searching our hearts as we strive to follow God’s way.  And for others, Lent becomes something mentioned by the pastor, but not followed at home.

But the Lenten season is a great opportunity to grow closer to God.  The liturgy of the worship services are centered around the theme of repentance.  The sermons usually have a theme of change.  And the act of giving up something we love can be quite fulfilling.  Another option is to start a new (godly) habit.  This could be opening our bibles and studying the word or beginning a new spiritual practice (see my latest video series on Becoming a Disciple).

May this Lenten season can be one of great spiritual growth for you.

To help, here is a devotional for the entire Lenten Season.

Pastor Bill

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