Monday Morning Meditation 9-28-20

May he grant your heart’s desire and fulfill all your plans.  Psalm 20:4

What is your heart’s desire?  Do you know anymore?  It seems like this year has dashed many people’s desires, has created such turmoil within us that it is hard to say what our heart’s desire.

I am not just referring to Covid-19, although that is such a huge factor.  It has been a year of political turmoil, showing a nation much farther divided than many of us have realized.

This year brought out a lot of racial division – that we knew was there, but again, much more magnified.

The wildfires on the West Coast have been much more devastating this year.

And I could go on.  2020  is one for the record books. 

Yet even with the turmoil, troubles and crises, we have a rock to stand on.  We have a God who loves us.

No matter how this year ends up, we can turn to God for support, we can look upon God as our comfort.

May you know the love of God today and always.  And may God grant you your heart’s desires.


Pastor Bill

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