Monday Morning Meditation 9-14-20

“…weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” Psalm 30:5

Some of you might be familiar with the lectionary readings.  Actually, there are two, a daily lectionary and the Sunday lectionary.  The Sunday lectionary readings are split up into a three-year cycle that alternates between Mathew, Mark and Luke (with John sprinkled in through the year), as well as the Old Testament, Psalms and Epistles. 

The daily lectionary is a two-year cycle that offers readings from the Psalms, Old Testament, New Testament and Gospels every day.  It is a great way to work through the bible.

What I have noticed is that the daily lectionary cycle for this week takes us through those last days of Jesus’ life in John’s gospel.  I find this interesting because when we last met in the sanctuary, we were in the middle of the Lenten season – heading towards Jerusalem and those last days of Jesus’ life.  And now we are planning to resume in person worship on Sunday.

In a way, we’ve come full circle.  But isn’t that what God does all the time anyway?  Return us to Him?  We might veer off course, but God calls us back.  We might have times of crisis, but God brings us back.  We might feel gloomy on this overcast Monday morning (especially after yesterday’s Eagles game), but God brings us joy.

As you go through your Monday, consider how God always bring you back.  And give thanks, even if the skies are gloomy.


Pastor Bill

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