A Perspective from Clergy

Our Presbytery has graciously hosted a weekly Zoom meeting for clergy to check in, talk about our situations and support each other.  I’ve participated in this almost every week since mid-March.

And here is my biggest take-away from these calls:  The Pastors (including me) are hurting.  Not having in-person worship hurts.

The conflicting information we get from the various sources is frustrating and makes decision making difficult. And that hurts.

The “Sink or Swim Learning Method” of creating meaningful online worship has brought about a number of struggles and that hurts.

For those congregations who have resumed in-person worship, the various restrictions (no contact, no singing, no greeting, sitting apart, wearing masks, limiting doors, bathrooms and the rest) is depressing.

Personally, I know clergy who are struggling with sick parents, sick children, financial concerns and family struggles.  Just like everyone else.

Everyone faces different conflicts on a regular basis, and each of us have difficulties due to this ongoing situation.  And that goes for Pastors as well.

If you would be so kind, please pray for Pastors.  And know we are praying for you.



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