Mother’s Day 2020

Normally on Mother’s Day I include a litany for us all to say, giving God thanks for all the mothers and the mother like figures in our lives.  But we cannot join together to say that litany this year.

Normally on Mother’s Day I do a Children’s Sermon talking about women I know who were mother like figures, but not mothers themselves, and how all women of faith are mothers to us.  But we cannot join with the children this year.

And I recently lost my mother to Covid-19.  This dread disease has disrupted lives and made simple things, like celebrating our mothers difficult.


But here is something I’ve learned.  Moms are tough.

Guys, admit it, they might just be tougher than us.

My wife went through a very difficult pregnancy.  We walked hand in hand every day with the fear of losing our unborn child – but she had the harder part.  She experienced morning sickness the entire pregnancy.  She could only eat certain foods.  And I could go on but that is not the point.  I’m trying to say that our mothers experience so much – in bringing forth life and raising that life.  Moms are pretty incredible.  And tough.

And so are the women out there who have never had children but treat all kids like their own.  The mother-like figures who brought us up in the faith, the mother-like figures who watched over us when we were playing, the mother-like figures in our schools and so on.

So today, on Mother’s Day, I offer up a prayer of thanksgiving to God for:

Mom who brought me life, taught me so much and dedicated me to the church

Aunt Marie, who taught me how to serve the church

Manisha who is such an incredible mother to Kiran (and so many others)

And all the other mothers and mother-like figures.

Let us pray:

Thank you, God, for our mothers and the women in our lives who have guided us.  For those who have departed, help us to remember all the good.  For those still with us, bless and guide them.  Help us to live in ways that honor them and You.  In Christ, Amen.

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