Holy Week

It has been nuts lately.  Actually, I’ve been pastoring in “Crisis Mode” since the beginning of the year –  we’ve had a lot of emergencies, pastoral care issues, funerals and the like.  And some of them have been real doozies (but I cannot tell you because they are private, personal things for people).

And now it is Holy Week.  On Palm Sunday my wife and I led the worship service as we journeyed with Jesus into Jerusalem and through Holy Week.  The service was powerful.

We ate lunch during Coffee Hour, had the Easter Egg Hunt and then went to my wife’s ministry setting to do the service there.  After that service we visited my moworkther (with end stage dementia), headed home and stopped by a congregants house to pray with them because of an illness.

And now I’m finishing up Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday services.  And there are still people to visit.  It does not let up.  But there is a reminder in all of this.  Jesus, while on the cross said “it is finished.”  Were all the sick healed?  No.  Were all the souls saved?  No.  Were all the faithful renewed?  No.  But Jesus’ earthly ministry was finished in one way – and continued on in another – through His followers.

I am but one man.  And while I strive to do all I need to do, I must realize that my call is not to be Jesus, rather His follower.  I cannot get to every visit.  I cannot get to every piece of paper on the desk.  Not every detail will be handled.  Rather I will, with God’s help, do the best I can this week to proclaim the Good News to all I encounter.

May your Holy Week be a time of blessing,



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