Reflections on a (Holy) Thursday Morning

My wife cut up some bread into cubes to take to her workplace.  There she will conduct two Maundy/Holy Thursday services.

I will go to the church building and prepare my service as well.  We’ve reset the sanctuary to look different, creating a special communion 1atmosphere, because tonight is a special service.

Well, tonight, Friday night and Sunday morning are all very special services that tell the most important story.

If you are not aware of the essential Christian story, it is told in three days – Maundy Thursday, the day in which Jesus gives us the mandate to love one another as He loves us, and the Lord’s Supper.  Good Friday, the day Jesus lays down His life for us and Easter Sunday, the day of Resurrection.  Three days that tell the story.

And you know what?  You don’t have to fully understand to take part.  You don’t have to understand exactly what happens to the bread and the wine when we take it.  You don’t have to understand why Jesus willingly sacrificed His life for us.  You don’t have to even fully understand the resurrection.  After all, there are many questions surrounding all these things – but that is what the journey of faith is about – exploring the questions of the intersection of God and ourselves.

So often Christianity gets a bad rap about what we stand against.  Maybe you shy away from church because you were shamed, or made to feel bad about yourself.  Maybe you just don’t like “organized religion”, or you are one of the many people I’ve encountered who just never quite understood what was going on.  Come tonight.  Be present with us as we explore the sacred mysteries of Communion.  Come Friday night and hear the story of Jesus going to the cross.  Then celebrate with us on Sunday morning as we shout out the oldest statement of faith in Christianity, “He is Risen!”

And if you don’t get it, that is fine.  At least come and start the journey.  After all, the journey is what it’s all about.

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