The Loss to the Kingdom

26 people are dead.  26 people are gone, no longer able to do their part for God’s kingdom.  That is the first tragedy.  The second tragedy is that we will focus more on the never-ending one side versus another in the argument about gun control than on the loss of life.

This is insane.  And this is becoming far too common.

You see, I’m sick and tired of the same argument over and over.  I’m sick and tired of extremists on both sides trying to out shout each other.  I’m sick and tired of the hatred and the division.  Damn it, its time to stop all of this.

So if there is a way that we can agree on stopping the illegal purchase and use of weapons, can we work together and do it without shouting at each other?

If there is a way that we can increase the recognition and support for those suffering from mental illness without shouting at each other about our healthcare position can we do it?

Can we just work together and stop this insanity?

Twice in recent sermons I said the following:

Believe it or not, we can disagree on issues and remain in community.  We can disagree and continue to be in relationship.  We can remain together as the body of Christ even if we are on different sides of an issue. 

I want people who agree with this statement to do the following:  Pray.  Pray for the families of the dead.  Pray for the injured.  Pray for the emergency workers.  Pray for all affected But do not stop there.  Pray this as well:

Lord, how can we stop this insanity? What can we do to find a balance between the extremist factions regarding safety issues?  What can we do as united followers of Jesus Christ to end this violence in our communities?

I’m not looking for an argument.  I’m looking for reasonable people to put forth reasonable ideas to save lives; lives that are made in the image of God.

Lord, have mercy on us all.



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