Get To Work!

It’s Tuesday morning and we have been in the usual morning rush – getting breakfast made, packing lunches, finding clothes (I swear it was right here in the closet!).  The breakfast dishes are finally done, the washer is running, and now I need to get myself ready to go to work (as if I have not been working since waking). work

But that is how we view things.  We go to work, even if our occupation or calling is one that is done anywhere.  We have housework, we have occupational work, we have family work and we have work to do for God.

Yet our Godly work is in everything we do.  When we make lunches, we do so with love for our families – and love is Godly work.  When we go to work and greet our co-workers, this also can be Godly work.  What if a co-worker is having a terrible day or a crisis in their life?  We can pray with them.  And prayer is Godly work.  What if they are having a wonderful day?  We can rejoice with them.  And rejoicing is Godly work.

Today, as you “go to work”, be on the look out for God’s work.  Look for those times in your office, your school, your home, or anywhere else when you see God at work – or you see someone in need of God.  And get to work!




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