I Bring Dessert

As my congregation is well aware, one of the questions I always ask is “what gifts to you bring?”  I was having a conversation about the church in general with a family friend when I asked her that question.  She jokingly replied “I bring dessert.”

Then I told her this story:

We were at a neighborhood picnic for Memorial Day when someone mentioned that I make a good pumpkin crème brulee.  The neighbors asked “where is it?”  I said I would make them some.  Along comes July 4th, and they are asking again “where is it?”  Two weeks later we had a picnic and again, “where is the pumpkin crème brulee?”

So, while on vacation I made it and started to deliver it.  Most of the neighbors were surprised, not thinking I would ever make it.  But then one neighbor told me his story – his niece was just diagnosed with a serious condition that would take her life at an early age.  With all my seminary training and pastoral work, I stood there and said “I’ve got nothing.”  And he said, “no, you brought this, something nice for us.”  What began as a joke between our neighbors became a source of comfort for someone hurting.

God will use our gifts – whatever they may be.  We just have to be open to using them ourselves.



Oh – and one more thing.  Please pray for the little girl – God will know who I mean.  Thanks.

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