The Vigil

It is early Saturday morning. I’m not able to sleep, probably because I am overtired from the week. The adrenaline is flowing. It has been a very busy week. The Palm Sunday service was filled with a lot of energy beginning with the children processing into the sanctuary with their palms. The service then transformed from the Palms to the Passion.

On Thursday we held two Communion services, one during our Shepherd’s Kitchen ministry, and the other during our Maundy Thursday service. Again, lots of energy extended for those events.

On Friday the church was open for meditation from 12-3 and images of the stations of the cross were projected upon a screen, with music in the back. Friday night we held a quiet service as we walked with Jesus along the way to the cross. While it was a quiet service, it still took lots of energy.

And now, Saturday morning, we wait. Holy Saturday is a day of waiting. Yes we know what happens. Yes we know that Sunday morning we celebrate, but it is a day of waiting anyway.

Many of you might be waiting for God. There might be something going on that is far beyond your ability to handle. Perhaps you have been lifting it up in prayer, but so far, no answers. Well, there is good news. God will respond. God will act. Sometimes we just need to wait. That is the message of today – the message of the Saturday before Easter. We wait.

But come tomorrow…

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