A Father’s Love

What started as a grass roots effort became an incredible event – a Father Daughter dance was held in our community. The people who put it together worked very hard to make this a special night for the dads and daughters. Thank you so much to all of you who created this event. Thank you to all the sponsors for your commitment to our community. It was a wonderful evening. Thanks also to all the fathers who brought their daughters (and all the moms who helped with hair, dresses, ties and corsages – we would be lost without you).

Besides the great food and treats there was, of course, dancing. The D.J. knew his audience – and asked for their help singing a song he hoped they “knew”, and the room was filled with “Let It Go”. Then he asked the girls to go get their fathers, grandfathers, uncles or whatever man brought them to come onto the dance floor. He played one of those smaltzy songs usually reserved for the Father Daughter dance at the wedding reception and every dad looked into his daughter’s eyes with incredible love. I looked around and saw more than a few misty eyes, mine included.

As I looked around at all the beautiful young ladies and their fathers, and I felt my daughter hugging me, I was reminded of something. I love my daughter. I love her with an incredible love. I know that nothing can separate me from that love – that no matter what she does in the future, whatever mistakes she will make, whatever choices she may make against my wishes, I will always love her without question, for my daughter is a gift from my Loving Father, who loves me with the same kind of love.
Dads (and moms) – as you tuck your daughters (or sons) in tonight, look at them. Look at the precious miracles they are. And give God thanks.


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