Anna, Elsa and Jesus

*SPOILER ALERT* Don’t read any further if you have not seen Frozen and plan to.


In the blockbuster movie Frozen, Princess Anna throws herself in front of the sword as Hans is about to kill Elsa. 

 Elsa “You sacrificed yourself for me?”

Anna “Of course, I love you.”

Olaf “An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart”

And this is the heart of Christianity.  Jesus willingly takes the sin of the world upon himself – he sacrifices himself because he loves us.  And that act of true love has thawed frozen hearts for over 2000 years. 

As we travel through this Holy Week, approaching the Cross of Good Friday and then the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, always know that God loves you and may you know the deep, deep love of Jesus and may your heart be filled with His warmth.

Happy Easter,

Pastor Bill

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