He Is Risen!

He is risen Indeed!

This has been the Easter cry for over 2000 years and we shout it out again today.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the biggest thing to happen to humanity ever.  Not only because Jesus walked out of the tomb, but it shows us how God does not abandon us, ever.  Yes we face hard times.  Yes there are troubles.  Yes there are times when we think we are alone, but God is truly with us – even when we don’t recognize His presence.

Too often we try to do everything ourselves – we try to control the situation.  But truth be told, we cannot do this.  We are unable simply because we cannot control everything that happens.  Time and events that happen are not always within our control.  But God is the sovereign Lord of the Universe.  God is in control, even when things go wrong.  And if God is in control, and if God loves us, than ultimately God will carry us through.

This Easter season take some time to allow this story to enter your heart.  Take a moment and really think about this.  If God did not allow Jesus to remain in the grave – He will not allow you to be completely alone in your situation.  He is risen!  He is risen, indeed!

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